E Cigarette

Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

As we all know, smoking is bad for you, but what if you could smoke without the negative effects to your health, this is the reason a lot of people are choosing to smoke e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes are an electronic cigarette that let you get the joys of smoking without the risks to your health that smoking normal cigarettes give you. They can either be disposable or some allow you to charge and reuse them therefore being more cost effective.


There are a lot of different e-cigarettes out there but I am going to talk about an e-cigarette brand that really leads the pack such as vaporfi. Vaporfi offer great e-cigarettes at a range of prices as well as over 30,000 different flavours of e-liquids. They offer a wide range of different packs from starters to the more deluxe range. The starter kits are around $49 in come in a variety of colours to really add the personal touch to your smoking experience. All their vaporizers are also smoke and odor free which is one of the common problems with normal cigarettes. E-liquids sold by vaporfi can also be brought with a range of nicotine levels, from those with no nicotine levels, the nicotine levels of a standard cigarette or higher levels, this is great as it means non smokers don't have to start taking nicotine into their body's but also that people that normally smoke cigarettes for the nicotine can choose a healthier alternative but still get the nicotine that they crave into their bodies.


  • A huge price range to fit every one's price range.
  • Over 30,000 different flavours means you will be able to find a flavour that suits you and you will never get bored of the same flavours.
  • Healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • Odorless and no smoke

A wide range of different e cigarette brands makes sure you can get the right one for your smoking needs.Although they are healthier that normal cigarettes they are still very new and some scientist are still looking at possible health risk's, although at the moment none have been found.


The benefits of an e-cigarette are that you are not inhaling "tar" which normal cigarettes contain, Tar is what gives smokers a lot of the issues with their health. Tar is toxic and causes drastic effects to the smokers lungs, it also rots teeth and desensitises taste buds. With an e-cigarette tar is not an issue and therefore is a much safer alternative. You can expect a much safer and as a result more enjoyable smoking experience, also a better tasting one because of the flavours of e-liquids. The different flavours of the e-liquids also make it better for non-smoking partners of smokers.


There are a very wide range of e-cigarettes that vaporFI offer, from packs simply to replace your normal cigarettes and to packs for smoking enthusiast that really want to enjoy their experience. If you want to look into purchasing an e-cigarette all of VaporFi's products can be found at http://www.e-cigarettebrands.com/.  Simply add your items to the cart and order, at this time they also have a promo code at the top right of the screen.