What’s an E Cigarette?

Also known as an Electronic Cigarette, this is a tobacco smoking battery-powered device. It has a heating element which vaporizes a liquid that has nicotine and flavorings. You don’t need a match or flame to light it up. E Cigarettes brands design them to look exactly like actual cigarettes or Cigars.

How an E Cigarette works

Unlike a traditional cigarette which you have to use a flame to light it and then the tobacco burns, an E cigarette doesn’t require all that. Once you put it on, the liquid nicotine is converted into some sort of vapor that you inhale into your lungs. Bear in mind there is no smoke, no fire and no ashes. Plus an E cigarette doesn’t have some of the harmful chemicals contained in tobacco cigarettes e.g.tar and carbon dioxide. It’s one of the reasons why some E cigarette brands state that using e cigarettes is the solution to a safer smoking habit.

howecigaretteworksAn E cigarette consists of 3 parts and they are: 

  • A rechargeable battery
  • A vaporization chamber
  • A cartridge 

The Battery is the source of power for the cigarette and it’s directly connected to the vaporization chamber. Before you activate the device you have to attach a cartridge which contains the nicotine liquid. The tip of the cartridge is used as the mouthpiece. You actually inhale the same way you would with a regular cigarette.

Most E cigarette brands ensure that an e cigarette has a light-emitting diode that resembles a flame. It lights every time you inhale.

The E cigarette looks like a good substitute for the traditional one since it has no smoke and seems safer due to the absence of carbon dioxide and tar but is it?

Studies conducted by the U.S Food and Administration show that cancer causing compounds present in Tobacco are also present in the E cigarette cartridges. However the manufacturers working directly with E cigarette brands claim that their product is safe and has the potential to improve the health of the people addicted to nicotine.

The WHO (World Health Organization) stated that there isn’t enough evidence to prove that E-cigarettes are safe. This is because neither the manufacturers nor the E cigarette brands fully disclose all the elements used to make them.

There are many E cigarette brands out there but the quality of their product differs. This depends on the brand’s safety standards and quality control. You should be able to choose the best brand according to the following guidelines:

  • A good brand keeps making changes of their product. For instance, the design and quality of batteries should change with time to look more modern and become more efficient.
  • A good brand should have an approved testing of their products and should keep updating users on the changes.

The three top rated E cigarette brands are:

  • ecigbrandsV2 cigs
  • Green Smoke
  • South Beach Smoke

V2 cigs

It’s one of the top rated e cigarette brands because it does everything right. The brand has a manufacturer who works to improve the batteries and flavor cartridges.

The manufacturers have full time engineers who keep improving the designs of their products. Most importantly they have high safety standards and quality control plus they do their testing thoroughly.

Green Smoke

It’s one of the popular e cigarette brands on the market. It started back in 2008; in fact it’s one of the first e cigarette brands to be established.

They introduced something known as the 2-piece “atomizer” technology which was an improvement of the 3-piece technology. This leads to a better smoking experience. This new Technology propelled the brand’s name to become one of the e cigarette brands that has the highest quality of e cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke

Though a young player in the business, it’s one of the most popular e cigarette brands in the world. It has managed to achieve this through great advertising and marketing by featuring on popular media like MTV, the OK Magazine and the New York Post.

The e cigarette has a silicon tip which prevents leakage of juice and gives a feeling similar to that of an ordinary cigarette. It uses a VaporFlo Technology which makes the vapor and flavor have an even flow. Without this Technology the flow would be weak and sometimes strong. If you’d prefer a good experience while smoking an e cigarette then South beach is your e cigarette brand.

Their batteries also have an extended life span so you spend less time recharging it. The cartridge is connected to the atomizer so when you replace it you also replace the heating element which in turn gives you a better smoking experience.

As an e cigarette brand, South Beach not only markets and advertises itself, but it also ensures that their products are of good quality.

Tips on how to choose the best e cigarette brand

ecigaretteIf you are looking for healthier alternative to smoking, the electronic cigarettes can be the best option to go for. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are available in both manual and online shops. However, selecting the best shop or site from which to buy this product can sometimes be challenging .So, what are the things you need to put in mind before purchasing an e-cigarette. The following are simple but important tips that can make your buying experience more convenient.

Choose to buy from online shops 

Internet based e-cigarette shops can be most convenient to shop from because there a variety of sites dealing in the product hence comparison becomes easy. Moreover, you can place an order to a given site after which they can process it and make deliveries to you as soon as possible. Another good thing with online buying is that you can purchase the cigarette from any part of the world and can be sure of getting the ordered product.

Consider the various types of e-cigarettes 

If your aim of buying an e-cigarette is to cut down on your smoking habit or looking for an alternative for healthy smoking then disposable e-cigarettes can be ideal for you. Disposable e-cigarettes are usually used until the cartridge runs and empty after which they can be disposed off. Other models include rechargeable e-cigarettes which can be convenient for those who are addicted to cigarettes and would like to have a healthy alterative to smoking.

Choose to buy from the most reputable shop

Of the many electronic cigarette shops available online, only a few can supply quality e-cigarettes at very convenient prices. By visiting the various sites selling the product first before buying can be the best way to identify the most reputable shop online. Take time and look at the customer reviews and testimonial and determine whether the e-cigarette being sold by a given site is properly satisfying the needs of the customers. The 3 top electronic cigarette  brands mentioned above are the ones that fit in such creterias that we have just discussed.

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